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Teachers from the Summer PLC Institute
The work of Professional Learning Community must first be about the people in the community.

CITY’s Professional Learning Program helps educators transform their school into a powerful professional learning communities that effectively serve all students. We lead summer trainings and school-based workshops for teachers, principals, and other educational leaders using the School Reform Initiative ‘Critical Friendship’ model to develop teacher-led PLCs supported by school-wide PLC practices.

Staff retreatWhat does this model of PLC look like?
  • Teachers meet regularly in small established PLC groups, led by a trained teacher-leader/facilitator.
  • Participants reflect on their teaching, look closely at student work, share dilemmas in their practice, read and discuss professional articles, and serve as critical friends to support and challenge one another to meet the needs of all students.
  • The groups use School Reform Initiative Protocols to frame their examination of student work and their reflection and discussion.
  • Principals use the protocols and practices to guide school-wide professional development activities, reinforcing and modeling the approach, and thereby supporting the teacher-led PLCs.
  • The SRI Critical Friendship model for professional learning communities can lead to transformational growth for the adult participants and have profound impact on student learning and school culture.

Professional Learning Community (PLC) 5-Day Summer Institute
  • CITY Center for Collaborative Learning hosts an annual PLC Summer Institute in Tucson, AZ.
  • This is an immersive, hands-on professional development experience. Participants develop the habits and skills to facilitate and coach a professional learning community based on the SRI critical friendship model.
  • The institute is for teacher-leaders who are interested in facilitating a professional learning community of peers in their school or district and principals and other school leaders who want to hone their facilitative leadership skills and lead their schools and districts as professional learning communities.

Other PLC Workshops for Schools or Districts

CITY Center for Collaborative Learning offers customized PLC workshops and trainings that range in length, audience, and intensity. Some examples include: a 2-hour introduction to using protocols to promote teacher collaboration for a school staff; a one-day session for building-level administrators on how to support professional learning community efforts in their schools; a follow-up retreat for trained coaches from one school or district to provide PLC implementation support; the full PLC training, which is typically five days in length and can be conducted in five consecutive days (usually summer) or split into two sessions (3-day launch, 2-day follow up).

All PLC institutes and workshops are led by national SRI facilitators. Contact JoAnn Groh, [email protected] for more information about the PLC Summer Institute 2022 and other PLC Workshops.