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Dec 15 Frank Dipietrapaul teaches students about vermicomposting.

Garbage to Groceries: Hands-on Learning for Teachers that Brings the Farm to the Classroom

Where does food come from? What happens to garbage when I throw it away? Could an apple core or a banana peel help something else grow? Come learn the science of composting and build your own classroom composting bin! Come visit Las Milpitas and take a tour with Frank DiPietraPaul from CITY Center for Collaborative […]

Jan 10 Student Led Conference

Move from “Talking About” to “Taking Charge”: Student-Led Conferences

As educators, we understand that parent / teacher conferences are a valuable time for teachers and families to communicate about student progress and goals for the rest of the year.  We also know that when students take responsibility for their learning, their social, emotional, and academic achievement grows too. What if parent / teacher conferences […]

Feb 22 CITY students build their learning through PBL

New Offering: Project Based Learning Conference

Come and join CITY Center for Collaborative Learning for three focused days of learning about and implementing Project Based Learning (PBL).  Project Based Learning is when students engage a real-world problem and answer complicated questions. Through their teacher’s expert facilitation, students master the content and process skills necessary to create a public demonstration of learning. […]

Mar 16 Lin Lucas

Popular Culture as Primary Text Workshop Series

Comics have been called “the invisible art” because the deceptive simplicity of the form masks a complex, expressive multi-medium in which writing, drama, stage-craft, drawing, design, and imagination are combined to create an endless range of visual- narrative possibilities. In this workshop series, participants will critically examine issues of race, class, gender, and war using […]

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