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Michelle K. Berry is an historian (PhD, University of Arizona, 2005) whose primary intellectual interests include environmental and labor history, agricultural history, feminist and engaged pedagogy (teaching), ecofeminism and environmental justice, political ecology, and sports studies. In each of these, she is interested in understanding how power is constructed around gendered, racialized, and classed identities.  She defines herself, professionally, as a teacher-scholar who encourages students to engage in comparative study especially with regard to the connection between the cultural and the political.  She teaches a wide variety of courses in the Gender and Women’s Studies and the History departments at the University of Arizona. After more than 20 years in the classroom, she has become convinced that empowering students to know how to read and write critically and think analytically is the greatest success she can have in the classroom.  One can find a longer treatise on her approach to teaching in her book on the subject A Primer for Teaching Environmental History that was published by Duke University Press in the Spring of 2018.  In addition to teaching and writing about teaching, she is also at work on a monograph (forthcoming, University of Oklahoma Press) that examines the collective environmental identities of range cattle ranchers in the US West from 1945-1965. In her spare time she hikes with her dog Chinle, travels, takes photographs, coaches basketball, and spends time with her friends and her partner of nearly 30 years, Tucson dentist, Anne Stolcis.