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Ashley La Russa is the owner of Roux Events LLC, an event management company that coordinates special projects, programs and events for nonprofit organizations. She collaborates with community leaders on initiatives that foster equity, diversity and inclusion. In 2018, Ashley was the Projects Manager at Downtown Tucson Partnership where she actively communicated upcoming events and programs. In collaboration with the Merchant & Retail Council, she strengthened relationships between downtown business stakeholders, owners and staff. Ashley previously served as Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DiveIN) and Management Associate/Board Liaison at Arizona Theatre Company.

Ashley fell in love with nonprofit organizations as a teenager. Inspired at a writing contest led by the NAACP-Houston Branch, she quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. This fervor stuck with her throughout college, leading to a BFA in Theatre Management from Sam Houston State University. Over 10 years later, Ashley provides support to local communities and is content spending her days with a smile and positive vibes.