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Community + Schools = Success

Culture Kitchen - Tucson Meet Yourself 2015
City High School students run the Culture Kitchen at Tucson Meet Yourself.

When schools and the larger community work together it is a win-win for everyone. Students and teachers have access to real world experiences that can add new perspectives and a deeper level of understanding to complement classroom learning.

The nonprofit, corporate and government sectors can all benefit from partnering with schools in a variety of ways: welcoming field trips, sending out guest speakers, hosting student interns, sharing resources. The value is reciprocal. The adult working world and our society’s institutions build connections with the children and youth of the community – and by extension, the parents and families as well. At the same time, students and teachers are informed by the current trends, issues, and expertise happening throughout society.

SLUG event
UA architecture students partnered with middle and high school students to create a functional, beautiful urban garden.

CITY Center for Collaborative Learning promotes community engagement in schools throughout Tucson and Pima County through support of the CommunityShare Initative. Each of our three schools integrate community connections into many aspects of their teaching and learning. We are grateful to the many organizations who collaborate with us to make a positive impact on the lives and learning of students and teachers!