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“Justice, Liberation and Self-Determination”

XITO’s 5th Annual Summer Institute

July 6 -8, 2018

Tucson, AZ

“XITO’s 5th Annual Summer Institute focuses on justice, liberation and self-determination for our communities. With our recent victory in the federal court ruling that Arizona’s anti-Mexican American Studies law can no longer be enforced…  our work continues as we call on those who labor to resist the current wave of destruction impacting our schools and communities.”

City Center for Collaborative Learning is proud to sponsor the ‘XITO Summer Institute’ again this year in Tucson.  The institute will be held in CITY Center’s ‘collaborative learning’ space on 37 East Pennington St (which is being completely renovated).  Go to xicanoinstitute.org/summer-institute-2018 for more information on the institute and to register.  Download Flyer

The video above is from the 2015 ‘XITO Summer Institute’ at CITY Center for Collaborative Learning’s 300 East University campus, This photo is of participants in last year’s ‘XITO Summer Institute’ at CITY Center’s 47 East Pennington St campus. The 2018 ‘XITO Summer Institute’ will be held in CITY Center for Collaborative Learning’s ‘collaborative learning center’ on 37 East Pennington St which is being completely renovated (see photos below).