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CITY Center for Collaborative Learning and the UA Poetry Center are collaborating to bring poet and Unrestricted Interest co-founder Chris Martin to Tucson for an immersive, week-long training for teachers on poetry & autism  – June 18-22.  Read more and register at How Poetry Can Help ASD Students Reach Expressive Potential.

Chris Martin will also be presenting a workshop for ASD students and their parents on Saturday, June 23 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

“Recent studies have shown that poetry is often the most direct linguistic expression for many on the autism spectrum. Beyond the inherent pleasure of writing and reading them, poems can also serve as unparalleled advocacy tools in and out of the classroom, forging a path of expression that can lead to greater autonomy, confidence, and engagement. In this one-day workshop, poet and Unrestricted Interest co-founder Chris Martin will show why and how poetry can be the ideal vehicle for transforming the lives of people with autism. Come learn practical tools for turning a so-called restricted interest into a portal for discovery. Our most direct task will be creating individualized poem forms to fit specific passions (diagnostically known as restricted interests). We will also be looking at exploring approaches to poetry based on number patterns, sensory perception, and borrowed language. This class is open to ASD students of all ages, and the registration fee covers a student and one parent/guardian.”

Read more  and register at Workshop for Families & Autistic Spectrum Disorder Students.  Registration fee for this workshop is $25.