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This ‘Place-Based Learning’ Residency Workshop is an all-day immersion inquiry for educators interested in the innovative, place-based programming at our two Paulo Freire Freedom Schools (grades 6-8) and City High School (grades 9-12) in Tucson, Arizona and how they might create these kinds of ‘Place-Based’ learning opportunities in their own schools.

Workshop participants will spend a day at CITY Center for Collaborative Learning’s three demonstration secondary schools learning deeply about how teachers design and implement powerful, ‘Place-Based’ learning experiences. The day will include the presentation of both program design and implementation suggestions from the schools’ founders and teachers, guided observations of PFFS Intersession groups in progress (approximately 12 will be underway on March 13th), as well as, facilitated discussions of PBE presentation materials and the field observations.

Register online at $100 per participant (group discounts available).  Continental breakfast and lunch is provided.  Registration link >>

“At the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters at Paulo Freire Freedom School, there is a week of special programming we call ‘Intersession’. During Intersession our middle school students participate in four days of intense learning with a small group of students around one particular theme/topic. On the fifth day, Intersession groups meet to reflect on their learning and then with the entire community to celebrate together.”paulofreireschool.org/downtown/intersession

‘Spring 2018 Intersession’ options – PFFS-Downtown

‘Spring 2018 Intersession’ options – PFFS-University

“City High School was founded on the premise that great learning happens when students are engaged in the world around them. We view all of Downtown Tucson – and more broadly, Southern Arizona – as our extended campus. While rooted in the activities and lectures each day in classrooms, schoolwork at City High School also takes place in museums, open spaces, nearby neighborhoods, and the surrounding region.”cityhighschool.org/community/place-based

“Every Friday one-third of the school  is out of the building on an expedition.  Students participate in Friday Expeditions by grade level on a rotating basis.  Expeditions include a range of experiences designed to connect the school to the larger Tucson community, relate classroom content to the ‘real-world, and provide ‘team building’ opportunities to our students.” paulofreireschool.org/friday-expeditions

“Each grade level at City High School participates in a multi-day field trip during the academic year to enhance their knowledge of our region and to create community as a class.” cityhighschool.org/community/student-travel-field-study

Join us on March 13, 2018 for this deep dive into Place-Based Learning at the three CITY Center for Collaborative Learning demonstration schools.

Registration link >>

Download the ‘Place-Based Learning’ Residency Workshop event flyer.

To learn more about the importance of Place-Based Education read ‘What is Place-Based Education and Why Does it Matter?’ from the folks at GettingSmart.