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This workshop is an opportunity for educators to deepen their understanding of how to design and implement project-based units of instruction and the ways that classroom-community partnerships can strengthen PBL planning and enhance student learning.

The event takes place intentionally within a school environment to ground the learning in a real world teaching context. The workshop agenda includes:

  • guided observations of PBL classrooms
  • debrief discussions of these observations using School Reform Initiative protocols
  • an overview of ‘Gold Standard’ projects presented by JoAnn Groh, a national faculty member of the Buck Institute for Education (BIE)
  • conversations with teachers using CommunityShare as part of their PBL planning and instruction

Participant registration for this day-long residency is $100 ($75 per participant for groups of 2 or more).  Register online at Eventbrite.  Registration link >>

Download the PBL/CommunityShare Residency Workshop event flyer.