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lic3The ‘PBL/CommuntyShare Residency Workshop’ is a day-long, PBL immersion experience for adult learners who want to understand and observe how teachers design and implement BIE ‘Gold Standard’ project-based units of instruction and how classroom/community partnerships (supported by CommunityShare) deepen that process.

The workshop will take place Tuesday, March 7th from 8:30am – 3:30pm at the three schools operated by CITY Center for Collaborative Learning as demonstration sites for innovative practice.  Registration link >>

The day will include guided observations of PBL classrooms, facilitated collegial discussion of these observations using School Reform Initiative protocols, presentation of ideas/instructional tips from a National Faculty member of the Buck Institute CommunitySharefor Education (BIE), and conversations with members of the CommunityShare Educator Advisory Team.

Download the PBL/CommunityShare Residency Workshop event flyer.