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CITY Center for Collaborative Learning is an affiliate of the School Reform Initiative (SRI) and uses the SRI ‘critical friendship’ model for training teachers to facilitate transformational learning communities that are fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence.

The International School Nido de Aguiles in Santiago, Chile began conversations with CITY Center in March 2017 about training Nido teachers to become facilitators using this model and calling the work, ‘Nido Learns Together’.  CITY Center supported the launch of the Nido Learns Together (NLT) initiative by providing ‘pre-facilitator training’ support services to the entire Nido staff, the Nido leadership team, and to prospective NLT group facilitators on July 17-19, 2017.

Now, after a facilitator recruitment process that has included shared readings, discussions and an online survey of the entire faculty – the International School Nido de Aguiles is ready to have forty teachers (from their instructional staff of 240) participate in a 5-day, immersive NLT facilitator training using the SRI ‘critical friendship’ model on February 12-16, 2018.  CITY Center principals Brett Goble (City High School) and JoAnn Groh (PFFS-Downtown), along with Santo Nicotera (PD Center Director), are excited and honored to be providing this 5-day immersive training.

The professional learning process at CITY Center’s three demonstration schools is grounded in this SRI ‘Critical Friendship‘ model. Teachers meet together monthly in groups of 10-12 to discuss their work and their students’ work; they conduct on-going cycles of personal research/inquiry on questions of practice throughout the school year; and at the end of the year participate in teacher demonstrations of learning re: their year-long inquiry process.

CITY Center provides on-site trainings, like the one at Nido for schools and school districts who want ‘transformational learning communities’ in their schools for their teachers. CITY Center also provides an annual training in downtown Tucson at our collaborative learning center on Pennington St.  Register at PLC Summer Institute.