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Come and join CITY Center for Collaborative Learning for three focused days of learning about and implementing Project Based Learning (PBL).  Project Based Learning is when students engage a real-world problem and answer complicated questions. Through their teacher’s expert facilitation, students master the content and process skills necessary to create a public demonstration of learning.

In short, in PBL classrooms, students build what they learn.

CITY students build their learning through PBL
CITY students master skills, knowledge, and understanding through Project Based Learning

On Wednesday, engage in Project Based Learning with an immersive learning experience. You’ll observe and converse with students as they work on their projects at Paulo Freire Middle School. Hear from students who are at all stages of their projects demonstrate what they are learning as they answer their project’s driving question.

Then, on Thursday, experience your own project and discover how effective teachers in Project Based Learning environments plan high-quality instruction. You will learn the key features of PBL and practice essential PBL skills as you design a project of your own.

Lastly, Friday’s learning explores the promise of High Quality Project Based Learning. As you implement Project Based Learning in your learning space, unpack the High Quality PBL Framework and plan the best possible learning experiences for your students.

JoAnn Groh, Lead Facilitator for Project Based Learning
JoAnn Groh is Principal of Paulo Freire Middle School-Downtown Campus and CITY’s lead facilitator for Project Based Learning.

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