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The ‘Intersession Residency Workshop’ is an all-day immersion inquiry for adult learners into the innovative Intersession Program at the Paulo Freire Freedom Schools (middle grades 6-8).

intersession-residencyDuring Fall and Spring Intersession Week, PFFS students participate in four days of intense learning with a small group of students around one particular theme or topic. Since the opening of PFFS-University in 2005 and PFFS-Downtown in 2014, more than 150 different, week-long Intersession experiences have been designed and implemented.

Workshop participants will spend a day during the Spring 2017 Intersession week at the Paulo Freire schools, learning deeply about how teachers design and implement Intersession. The day will include the presentation of program design and implementation suggestions from the PFFS founders and teachers, guided observations of Intersession groups in progress (approximately 12 will be underway on March 14), and facilitated discussions of these observations.  Registration link >>

Download the Intersession Residency Workshop event flyer.