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Calling all Tucson teachers, school leaders, and community partners who are passionate about what they do and want to share ideas, innovations, and resources about teaching & learning. Register now for the 4th convening of Edcamp Tucson on Saturday, February 11, 2017!

Visit our website to read about Edcamp Tucson and watch a video documenting our first event in September 2015. CITY Center is proud to host this powerful (and free!) regional convening in collaboration with CommunityShare and Tucson Values Teachers twice a year.

As part of the Edcamp philosophy, participants will construct the agenda together during the first part of the day. This allows us to maximize the expertise and passion of those in the room – and to create a dynamic learning environment that is responsive to real-time needs, interests, and collaborations. Read more about the Edcamp format – and the growing national movement: http://www.edcamp.org.