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CITY Center for Collaborative Learning is well represented at this year’s Deeper Learning conference, with a team of 2 principals and 5 teachers in attendance.¬†Held annually at the High Tech High campus in San Diego, Deeper Learning brings together over a 1000 educators from around the country and the world to learn and share. The high-energy, hands-on event practices what it preaches as participants engage in deeper learning themselves!

Congratulations to JoAnn Groh and Chad Blair, who will be leading a session at Deeper Learning 2018! Their session “PLPs: Harnessing Teacher Passion for School Success” will focus on the professional learning plans teachers at the schools within our network pursue to drive their professional growth.

Follow the experience of our team and others with the hashtags #DL2018 and #DeeperLearning2018

Read Carrie Brennan’s blog When students share and shine: the public nature of ‘deeper learning’,¬†reflecting on her experience at DL2017.