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We are excited to help sponsor the ‘Culturally Responsive Teaching Institute’ presented by Kore Press* on Thursday, June 7th by providing our recently renovated ‘collaborative learning’ space at 37 East Pennington St. for the day-long event.  This amazing experience will include a morning and afternoon session, breakfast & lunch, and a copy of the anthology Letters to the Future: Black Women /Radical Writing, edited by Erica Hunt and Dawn Lundy Martin (Kore Press 2018; $40.00 value).  All participants will leave with a fully planned unit of study.  Cost: $150

Read all about the institute and register for the event at ‘Kore Press Offers A Teacher Institute on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy’.

The Agenda
8-8:45 breakfast provided

9-noon: Session I
Facilitated by Tucson public school educator, Mariah Harvey, M.Ed., making connections between concepts of race, community, democracy, culturally responsive pedagogy, inclusivity practices, and the book.

lunch provided

1-4pm: Session II
Facilitated by UA expert, Dr Stephanie Troutman, on culturally responsive pedagogy, African American Literature, and cultural and justice studies with Letters to the Future as the central piece of literature to build a unit / program around.

Participants will leave with a draft for a teaching plan that they craft and workshop in the session.

A plan or unit design will include an essential Q, ways to grapple with the question, looking at material, assessments, and culminating project.

This Teaching Institute is appropriate for high school (and community college) educators and librarians.
Disciplines: English, Humanities, Ethnic Studies, Democracy, Social and Racial Justice Studies, African-American Literature.

4-4:30 Sharing out to the Group

*Kore Press is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to keeping the margins at the center through publishing, education, and collaborative projects that focus on women, writers of color, and LGBTQ folks.