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City High School / 47 E. Pennington St. / Tucson / 85701

Register: Cooperation Unconference 2018

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“This is a historic time. A national conversation of sorts is taking place in the media, in coffee shops, in our democratic institutions and behind the scenes, that will determine who we are going forward. People are realizing that sitting back and watching is maybe not the best option.

Come join the conversation. Building on the success of last year’s Cooperation Unconference, we are inviting local leaders and regular folks to come together and take ownership of our future. An “unconference” is a great way for people to create together and support each other, and to quickly learn firsthand what movers in our community are up to. If you’ve never been to one before, its fun, fast-pasted and participatory. You help shape the sessions and choose things you are comfortable with and interested in.

Specific topics will depend on the participants, but may include: schools, education and funding; gun/safety/policing issues; health/addiction; money and transparency in politics; immigration and DACA; effective community organizing; public education and awareness. Diverse points of view are welcome, and all are asked to engage respectfully and productively with each other. The focus is on problem solving, next steps, and ownership – be ready to be part of the solution!

This event is free, but space is limited – sign up now – and if you can’t go please come back and release your ticket so someone else can have it. Thanks and see you there!”