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CITY Center for Collaborative Learning’s Dr. Tim Grivois-Shah will present with Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah at the American Academy of Family Practice Physician’s annual Family Medicine Experience in New Orleans.  Titled “Managing ADHD in Clinic and in Schools,” Tim Grivois-Shah and Ravi Grivois-Shah are presenting on how physicians can incorporate what they learn about how schools support children with ADHD into how they treat ADHD in the clinical setting.

Tim Grivois-Shah
Tim Grivois-Shah, Director of Professional Learning and Community Engagement, is also an expert on Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) and how PBIS supports children and youth with ADHD.

“It’s important to bring together two fields that both take a holistic view of how children learn, grow, and stay healthy,” said Tim.  “Ravi and I hope to help physicians enhance their skills in treating children with ADHD and to start a dialogue with our colleagues in both medicine and education about how we can support the best possible outcomes for children with ADHD.


Ravi Grivois-Shah is Medical Director of Alvernon Family Medicine, and is excited to bring a multidisciplinary approach to a conference for physicians.  Ravi says, “Having the opportunity to collaborate with an expert

Ravi Grivois Shah ADHD
Ravi Grivois-Shah is a family practice physician with a career focus of expanding access to care and building community partnerships.

in education and in behavioral supports for children with ADHD adds an important dimension to what my colleagues will learn.”