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CITY Center for Collaborative Learning’s

Free Education ‘Unconference’

November 11, 2022

Edcamp 9:00 – 12:30 (8:30 Check-in/Mingle)

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Come one, come all to Tucson’s premier ‘edcamp’ experience.

If you care about the present and the future of education in southern Arizona – this Tucson unconference is for you.  You will create the agenda for the morning yourselves (with support from trained facilitators) based on topics* that you generate and you want to talk about.

* For example: Creating ‘safe’ schools for the most vulnerable among us.  Implementing ‘project-based’ learning environments that engage students.  Conducting ‘courageous conversations’ with your students and among your teacher colleagues.  Giving effective feedback to young learners that encourages revision and ‘learning forward’.

You will decide the topics that end up on the ‘Session Board’, you get to decide which sessions you are going to participate in, and, if a particular session is not working for you, you get to leave that session and go to a different one.

Edcamp Tucson participants love the freedom this unconference model provides – to discuss deeply with passionate and compassionate others – the topics they care about most!  It is an absolutely amazing way to spend a Saturday morning in Tucson!


Edcamp 9:00 – 12:30 (8:30 Check-in/Mingle)


CITY Center for Collaborative Learning

‘Edcamp Tucson’

The ‘edcamp’ experience is free,

but online registration is required.


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