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Sorting Out Race at the Arizona State Museum
Examining racial identity and stereotypes in thrift store donations.

Join us on Friday, September 6 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm for a keynote speaker, VIP tour of Sorting Out Race: Examining Racial Identity and Stereotypes in Thrift Store Donations, and reception. This traveling exhibit provides an engaging opportunity to provoke discussions about race and stereotypes and what drives our perceptions of people who are different than ourselves. Every day thrift stores receive donations of items with racial imagery—antique advertising cards, collectible salt-and-pepper shakers, vintage children’s books, and mugs with sports team mascots. Are these harmless reminders of past attitudes or do they perpetuate stereotypes about race? This exhibit generates a healthy community conversation about our continuing struggles with race.

Continue your learning on Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 8:30am to 3:30pm for Facilitating Critical Conversations, an interactive workshop led by Teaching Tolerance at CITY Center for Collaborative Learning. Identify strategies and resources to create a positive and respectful learning environment where critical conversations can take place, reflect on personal assumptions and learning biases and recognize their impact on classroom practice, and develop skills and confidence for engaging in and facilitating conversations about race and other critical topics.

This workshop is $49 and includes lunch, curriculum resources, and strategies for talking about race with students at all ages and developmental levels.

Click here to register.

This event is hosted in partnership with CITY Center for Collaborative Learning, the Arizona State Museum, and the Pima County School Superintendent’s Office.