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City Center for Collaborative Learning has appointed Timothy Grivois-Shah the director of professional learning and community engagement. Grivois-Shah previously served as the principal of Grijalva Elementary School in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). Before his tenure in TUSD, his education career was in the Chicago area, working as a classroom teacher, gifted education coordinator, and assistant principal.

Grivois-Shah is a skilled facilitator of adult learning and has led professional development for his colleagues at both the site and district levels. He earned his masters and doctorate degrees in education at Loyola University Chicago and attended Saint Xavier University for his undergraduate studies.

Timothy Grivois-Shah begins his new role at CITY Center for Collaborative Learning in July 2018. He replaces Santo Nicotera, one of the co-founders of the Paulo Freire Freedom Schools, who retires at the end of June.