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City High School Students Tending the Garden

Worm composting and our youth

Our Farm-to-School Americorps Member Frank Dipietrapaul on how to engage children in science with worms. Almost everyone I know has some childhood story about worms. Deep down we all love them, even if somewhere along the line we developed a misunderstanding. My first experience with worms is an account from my mother; I was about […]

Frank Dipietrapaul teaches students about vermicomposting.

Food justice and our youth

Frank Dipietrapaul leads adult and youth learning programs at Las Milpitas Community Farm Food justice is, at its heart, social justice.¬†When we understand that racial and economic inequalities marginalize people and deprive them of access to healthy, sustainable and nourishing food, we recognize that our work for social justice must include striving for equitable access […]