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CITY teachers participated in a city-wide protest march in downtown Tucson on April 4, 2018.

The #REDforED movement continues to gain momentum throughout Arizona. Many charter school teachers are standing alongside their district peers in weekly Wednesday walkouts and other public protests, including teachers in our three schools.

At their monthly meeting on April 11, the board of directors of CITY Center for Collaborative Learning issued a resolution in support of the #REDforED efforts and our teachers’ participation. The resolution, adapted from similar resolutions adopted by district boards throughout the state, “urges the Arizona State Legislature to work urgently on behalf of the children and families in our State to take swift and meaningful action to develop a viable plan to pay teachers and support professionals the professional salaries they deserve.” Read and download the full board resolution here.

Last week Arizona educators voted in support of a statewide walkout to begin on April 26. At CITY Center for Collaborative Learning, we are readying for the walkout. Principals emailed families on April 20 to outline the plan for ‘instructional closure’ at our schools, in the event of a walkout; the letters are also posted on the City High School and Paulo Freire Freedom School websites.

Teachers throughout Arizona are joining forces and raising their voices to demand change. Judging by the volume of honking horns as cars pass protesting educators on sidewalks in front of schools on Wednesday mornings, the number of PTA volunteers marching alongside teachers, the many letters to editor, the heartfelt favorable social media posts, and the sea of REDforED t-shirts and car signs visible around town, it appears that many Tucsonans are in full support of the teacher demands and actions. At CITY Center for Collaborative Learning, we count ourselves among them.