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A team of advanced video production high school students took on a real world project recently, working with Principal JoAnn Groh as their ‘client’ to create a short film about project based learning at her middle school. In other words, they used PBL to document PBL.

The Buck Institute for Education outlines 8 key design elements for project based learning:

  1. Key Knowledge, Understanding, and Success Skills
  2. Challenging Problem or Question
  3. Sustained Inquiry
  4. Authenticity
  5. Student Voice & Choice
  6. Reflection
  7. Critique & Revision
  8. Reflection

Watch the video and look for these design elements – in the middle school climate change project featured in the film as well as the high school video documentary project that created the film itself!

Project Based Learning is an exemplary practice that CITY Center for Collaborative Learning strives to design, implement, and advance as part of our mission. This post features teaching and learning at two of our lab schools, with the big climate change project at Paulo Freire Freedom School-Downtown during fall semester 2015 and the media arts/video documentary program at City High School.