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CITY2020 infographicThe CITY 2020 plan is an important roadmap for us during this time of exciting change and expansion within our organization. The mission and priority areas guide the ‘what’ of our work and keep us focused on ‘where’ we are headed. The vision and values light the way; they are the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our work. Throughout all aspects of the plan, we hope what shines through most clearly is that students and teachers are at the heart of what we do at CITY Center for Collaborative Learning.

I first wrote about the strategic plan in this blog a year ago (CITY 2020: Dynamic plan for the future, Jan. 12, 2016), to share the planning process involved and introduce the priority areas. I return to the subject this month to share updates during year two of implementation.

We are using the CITY 2020 plan to help guide and focus our work at every level. The CITY Center board of directors and its various committees routinely frame their discussions in the context of the strategic priorities. The board as a whole is exploring the organizational values, with a particular focus on equity and diversity. Its committees are especially focused on advancing the goals in the following strategic priority areas: facilities and technology, financial sustainability, governance/organization, and impact. Each of the school boards is delving into the plan as well, paying particular attention to the academic program and wellness priorities.

On a staff level, the three school principals are collaborating closely with school co-founders Santo Nicotera and Eve Rifkin, comprising a ‘teaching and learning’ leadership team that guides the professional development program for the CITY Center teaching staff and the PD offerings for external audiences. Their work dives deeply into the two priority areas of impact and academic program, as does the CommunityShare initiative led by Josh Schachter. Their work focuses on the 10 educational practices we have identified as the core of what we aspire to do each day in our own schools and to share with others through our professional development program. Meanwhile, I am working closely with the administrative team overseeing operations and infrastructure to align the priorities of our departments – IT, business office, school lunch program, etc – with the CITY 2020 plan.

page 2The new 2-page infographic, created by Jennifer Mead, is designed to be both a practical and an inspirational overview of the plan. My hope is that it helps to continually ground our work internally and is a handy way to share our mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities with external audiences, as we continue to engage with and advance the plan in the coming years.

Download the 2-page PDF, which includes the hexagon visual as well as the list of goals for each of the six strategic priority areas.
CITY 2020 hexagon