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CITY Center for Collaborative Learning has its sights on the future – and a solid roadmap for the dynamic journey ahead. An ambitious strategic planning process took place over the past year and a half, with parents, students, staff, school founders, board members, partners, and community members involved. The voices and perspectives of many stakeholders came together to create our new strategic plan: CITY 2020.

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New nonprofit develops. Major components of the strategic planning process included the creation of our mission and priorities as a new nonprofit organization, CITY Center for Collaborative Learning. Long-time educational partners, City High School and the Paulo Freire Freedom Schools, are coming together (officially in July 2016). Together we are creating a “larger than the sum of our parts” entity, allowing each of the three innovative schools to continue to thrive and to better serve as powerful demonstration sites to share teaching and learning practices with others. CITY Center for Collaborative Learning is poised to have a big impact on the education landscape in Southern Arizona and beyond – and we are ready to take on this important role!

The CITY 2020 plan is official. At their monthly meeting on December 3, 2015, our nonprofit corporate board officially approved the CITY 2020 plan that includes the new organizational mission, vision, and values, as well as six strategic priority areas focused on organizational growth and excellence for 2015-2020. The strategic priorities are Impact, Academic Program, Wellness, Technology & Facilities, Financial Sustainability, and Governance & Organization.

Each strategic priority has its own set of 4-6 goals and a list of recommendations and activities, developed with extensive input from the many stakeholders involved in the planning sessions. Thank you to all who were involved in creating the CITY 2020 plan. The process was collaborative, thoughtful, complex, and fruitful. Together we have created a vision for the future. Onward toward the horizon!

Our 8 Organizational Values identified in the CITY 2020 strategic plan:
  1. Innovation & Creativity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Passion for Learning
  4. Equity & Diversity
  5. Care & Compassion
  6. Stewardship & Sustainability
  7. Ambition
  8. Joy