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The Spring Symposium is a two day event where teachers are invited to come together, share their experiences, and learn in community.  This year, we will be hosting two days worth of high quality, interactive, and community-building professional development.

Day One

Designing Projects that Transform Learning

Thursday, Feb. 24th from 9 – 3 pm

A full day dedicated to project-based learning.  Whether you are exploring project-based learning for the first time or want to collaborate on improving a current project, this day together will include an overview of the components of high quality, inquiry-driven, project-based learning and offer personalized feedback on your project design to make the learning authentic, rigorous, and engaging!  

Cost of attending day one of this event is $75.

Sign up for day one of the Spring Symposium here

Day Two

Collaborative Conversations to Improve Student Outcomes

Friday, Feb. 25th from 9-3 pm

Critical Friends Group is a facilitated PLC model of collaboration which uses protocols from the School Reform Initiative in order to leverage teacher expertise to improve student learning. Participants will explore the use of protocols to build connections, engage in equitable conversations, and improve student outcomes.  

Cost of attending day two of this event is $75.

SIgn up for day two of the Spring Symposium here

Sign up for both days of the Spring Symposium for $100 and save $50!