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CCCL Schools: A Joyful Place to Learn

This year’s return to in-person learning is quickly revealing what we all expected- our children have been facing many mental health challenges, and those challenges are on full display in our schools. The well-being of our students has always been a priority for our schools, but this year it is more clear than ever how […]

JoAnn Groh, Lead Facilitator for Project Based Learning

PBL for life’s projects: JoAnn Groh’s latest BIE blog

The latest post by JoAnn Groh published on the PBL Blog explores ways that the framework for project based learning can help all of us, young and old, as we take on projects in our lives. JoAnn is a national facilitator for BIE and the co-founder and principal of Paulo Freire Freedom School-Downtown, one of the […]

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