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We all remember the back-to-school fervor we experienced as kids. The antsy excitement about all that was new and unknown, combined with a bit of dread and a pair of new shoes.

For educators this annual rhythm continues. Gearing up and launching the new year are high-energy times. Teachers rev up the engine that is school. They bring their inspiration, drive, and love of learning back to the classroom and welcome students to a new year.

This school year let’s remember to support those working with kids each day. What can we do to foster schools to be caring work places, to provide inspiring opportunities for professional growth, to listen more carefully to those who know best when it comes to student learning? Let’s honor #teachervoice and let it guide us toward #innovation in schools.

In the spirit of listening, check out the two stories below. Deep thanks go to our partners at the UA Poetry Center for leading a powerful digital storytelling workshop for teachers this summer. We were proud to co-sponsor and support this rich opportunity for our community’s educators.

The excerpt above is the opening reflection on the themes in August’s newsletter. Keep reading!

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