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CITY Center board member and 21st century schools expert Bob Pearlman talks with a team of middle school students about their project.

CITY Center for Collaborative Learning designs, implements, and advances exemplary practices in teaching and learning that transform the lives of young people and their educators. We offer professional development and community engagement experiences for educators and education advocates, including school visits and workshops.

We are experts. Our organization is led by educators with decades of experience in classroom teaching, school leadership, and professional development. Our areas of expertise include project-based learning, advisory programs, the powerful ‘critical friendship’ model for professional learning communities, systems thinking in schools, community partnerships, student demonstrations of learning, creating positive school culture, and more.

place-based learning
At our three schools, rigorous learning takes place in the field as well as back on campus.

We are innovators – and practitioners. CITY Center for Collaborative Learning leads three small secondary schools that are implementing innovative practices on a daily basis. Our next level of impact is collaborating with schools and teachers in Southern Arizona and beyond to share what we do and to help build capacity so that we can all do our best work for all students.


the 10 educational practices at the heart of our work:
  1. Project Based Learning
  2. Real World Connections and Context
  3. Deeper Learning
  4. STEM
  5. Arts Integration
  6. Public Demonstrations of Student Learning
  7. Habits of Heart and Mind
  8. Adult Learning & Teacher Leadership
  9. Small Learning Communities
  10. Schools as Demonstration Sites with Lab Classrooms

CITY Center for Collaborative Learning is an Arizona nonprofit, governed by a board of directors. We are committed to the common good and to improving public education. Our vision for the future: A world in which every school is a collaborative environment where the learner and teacher experiences are engaging and joyful, and all children are empowered to achieve their full potential.