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The Budget Process & Related Links for Recent Fiscal Years

  • The Board of Directors for CITY Center for Collaborative Learning approved a proposed budget for FY2019 at their June board meeting on June 14, 2018. The proposed budget summary, as presented in the official format required by the Arizona Department of Education, is available to the public and can be viewed here: FY19 Proposed Budget
  • The CITY Center board will reconvene on July 13 to review and to adopt the FY2018 expenditure budget and vote on the allocation of monies related to the recent 1.06% teacher salary increase pursuant to Laws 2017, Ch. 305, SS 33.
  • The Budget Hearing Notification document regarding the July 13, 2018 meeting is included here for public review: Budget Adoption Hearing Notification FY19 – CITY Center for Collaborative Learning
  • At their October board meeting on 10/4/18, the CITY Center for Collaborative Learning Board of Directors approved the State of Arizona Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2018. The document can be viewed here: FY18 AFR